NourishingRoots EM Sunshine

DOB: 04/13/2017
Sire: Sweet Snow White Admrabl Edgar *B   Polled
SS: Pecan Grove Moon and Stars *BSD: SG Agape Oaks Fire Hazard 2*M   Polled
Dam: GR8 Kids Farms Marlow
DS: *B DesertNanny IM Blue Bombay *S
DD: GR8 Kids Farms PlayMeASymphony

Family Lines: Desert Nanny, Agape Oaks, DF Farms, Esperanza, Twin Creeks, Flat Rocks

Sunshine is an exceptionally beautiful buck. He was born to Marlow in 2017, and takes after his beautiful, strong, calm, polled father. He is polled and blue-eyed with solid gold coloring, white spots, and a dorsal stripe. He has produced some of the most beautiful kids we have ever had, who are every bit as calm-tempered, sweet, and beautiful as he.