Our Herd


Oreo was born in 2014. She is a blue-eyed beauty who looks, well, like an Oreo cookie! She has freshened twice and has developed excellent milking teets. She produces about 1.5-2 quarts per day at her peak, and is an exceptionally caring mother. She produces 2-3 kids at a time, with almost all blue eyes. She was bottle-raised and is very fond of people, producing exceptionally affectionate kids.

Marlow was born in 2015. She is a beautiful blue-eyed doe who just kidded for the first time in 2017. She came from the same farm as her sister Oreo, and was also bottle-raised. She has exceptional mammary ligament attachments and produces 2 quarts of milk per day for us. She was our first goat, so we are especially fond of her. She was sweet and spunky as a young doe, and has settled into her new assignment of mother and milker with incredible ease. She has produced 2 beautiful, brown-eyed kids for us so far. 

Dotty is a truly exceptional goat. She is our herd alpha for sure, with strong, hearty genetics, quick instincts, a fast gait, and just incredibly intelligent. She was born in 2011, and we affectionately call her our "big ol' lady". She is a very experienced mother, and kids with absolute ease- not even a bleat. She kids out strong, healthy, blue-eyed babies every time. She has exceptional milk-holding capacity and ligament attachment for her age and experience. She produces 1.5-2 quarts per day at her peak.

Alyssa was born to Oreo in 2016 and is getting ready to breed for the first time in the fall. She is a truly beautiful girl- black with white moon spots, brown eyes and a sweet, sensitive disposition. But don't let that fool you- she is FAST, quick-witted and spunky! We look forward to seeing what a great mother she will be.

Morn'n Glory
Morn'n Glory is our newest doe; she was born to Dottie in 2017. She is a polled, blue-eyed beauty, solid gold with white spots and a dorsal stripe. She is every bit as hearty as her mother, and as sweet and beautiful as her polled father. We look forward to seeing the beautiful kids she will have one day.


Moon was born to Dottie in 2017. He is a beautiful, polled, blue-eyed buck. He is exceptionally strong and has very dominant goat genes. He likes to affectionately head-butt our boots every time we are outside! We really look forward to seeing the strong, beautiful kids he will sire.

Clark is an EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful and affectionate buck. He was born to Marlow in 2017, taking very strongly after his mother. He is a polled, brown-eyed beauty who loves nothing more to cuddle up in your lap like a puppy, and be smothered with affection. We can not wait to see the beautiful, kind kids he will sire.

Sunshine is an exceptionally beautiful buck. He was born to Marlow in 2017, and takes after his beautiful, strong, calm, polled father. He is polled and blue-eyed with solid gold coloring, white spots, and a dorsal stripe. We look forward verry much to the excellent kids he will one day sire.


Arthur was born to Oreo in 2016. He is one of the most affectionate goats in our herd, and is a great companion for our bucks.