GR8 Kids Farms Eclaire

DOB: 08/12/2013
Sire: *B DesertNanny IM Blue Bombay *S
SS: *B DesertNanny Icy Blue Ice Man *S
SD: GCH DesertNanny MC Madeline 3*M AR 2*D
Dam: Bamboo Acres TK BluBeri Tart
DS: Bamboo Acres IW Tikki’s Kane
DD: Morning Star Blueberry Delight

Family Lines: Desert Nanny, Twin Creeks, Esperanza, Hill Country, Promised Land

Oreo was born in 2014. She is a blue-eyed beauty who looks, well, like an Oreo cookie! She is a third-time freshener and has developed excellent milking teets. She produces about 1.5-2 quarts per day at her peak, and is an exceptionally caring mother. She produces 2-4 kids at a time, with almost all blue eyes. She was bottle-raised and is very fond of people, producing exceptionally affectionate kids.


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