NourishingRoots CD Lottie

DOB: 05/08/2018
Sire: NourishingRoots EM Clark
SS: Sweet Snow White Admrabl Edgar *B   PolledSD: GR8 Kids Farms Marlow
Dam: DF Farms MM Queen of Hearts
DS: Odds Are NH ImaAllAmericanHero
DD: DF Farms FS Lunar Wax-N-Wane

Family Lines: DF Farms, Desert Nanny, Agape Oaks, Lost Valley

Extended Pedigree

Lottie was born to Dottie in 2018. She is a gold and white beauty with crystal blue eyes. She is as strong as her mother, and as sweet and beautiful as her polled father. We look forward to seeing the beautiful kids she will have one day.