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Goat Kids- Available Now!
High-quality goat kids for companionship, milking, and show. Ready any time after 8 weeks of age. Please read our "About Us" section for more info on dams and sires.

Doelings are $450. Bucklings are $350.

From Dam "Dottie" and Sire "Clark":
   1. Andreas- born 5/9/18. Beautiful, crystal blue-eyed black and tan buckskin buckling. Disbudded.

From Dam "Alyssa" and Sire "Sunshine":
   1. Gerard- born 5/17/18. Beautiful, marbled-eyed black and tan buckskin buckling. Naturally polled.

From Dam "Oreo" and Sire "Sunshine":
   1. Billy- born 5/23/18. SWEET, spunky, and beautiful gold buckling. Naturally polled.
   2. Horace- born 5/23/18. Calm, beautiful, and full-size white buckling with brown and black moon spots. Disbudded.
   3. Emily- Doeling, born 5/23/18. White with brown and black spots, amber eyes. Disbudded.
   4. Elizabeth- BOTTLE-FED Doeling, born 5/23/18. Black with brown and white markings, brown eyes. Disbudded.

Delicious cheese made from fresh, organic, high-butterfat non-"goaty" goat's milk. Our milk is flash-frozen, unpasteurized, and tastes like a slightly sweet version of cow's milk- none of the "goaty" flavor common in store-bought milk. Because it is fresh, never pasturized, and made from goats who only eat the highest-quality ingredients, our cheese is both delicious, and very high in microbial enzymes essential to building healthy gut flora. Sold by the pound or half-pound.
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Silky smooth, beautifully-scented soap made from fresh goat's milk and only the purest essential oils. Excellent for all skin types, and especially sensitive and exzematic skin.
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Farm Work Aprons
Sturdy, durable work aprons made from a tough, yet breathable canvas/cotton blend, and high-quality leather straps. Large, low, double-lined pockets, long length, and adjustable straps provide for all of your farm needs, from holding quarts of milk to half your toolbox.
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Farm Work Dresses
Durable, all-day wear for farm-hands and mothers alike, inspired by photos of my own farm-wife grandmothers from days gone by. Sturdy, breathable, and beautiful, featuring a cotton/linen blend that is soft enough to cuddle up to, stretchy enough to nurse in, and still thick enough for the hardest day of gardening, milking, and chicken feeding. Best when paired with Farm Work Apron; strap the apron on before heading out back, and hang apron back up in the mud room before coming back in. Sturdy, clean and only one outfit to meet all the day's needs.
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Chidren's Farm Work Rompers
Durable, all-day wear for little farm hands. Can be easily peeled off in the mud room and thrown straight into the wash basin for tomorrow. Protective, sturdy and beautiful, with reinforced knees, large button closures, and a thick linen/cotton/canvas blend.
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Baby Farm Play Rompers
Durable, all-day wear for the future farmers at your feet. Can be easily removed for a quick diaper change, and thrown right into the washer for another day of play. Protective, sturdy, and beautiful, with solid seams, large button closures, double-lined diaper area, reinforced knees, and a thick yet breathable linen/cotton blend. Tough enough to endure the longest day of chasing the chickens through the pasture, playing with the goats on the straw bale, and endless tugging on mom and dad's apron.
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