DF Farms MM QueenOfHearts

DOB: 12/01/2010
Sire: Odds Are NH ImaAllAmericanHero
SS: MCH DF Farms HD National Hero
SD: Lost Valley RTW Jada
Dam: DF Farms FS Lunar Wax-N-Wane
DS: Via Dolorosa Frank Sanatra
DD: Ahsum Acres Constellation

Family Lines: DF Farms, Twin Creeks, Goodwood, Lost Valley

Dottie is a truly exceptional goat. She is our herd alpha for sure, with strong, hearty genetics, quick instincts, a fast gait, and very intelligent. She was born in 2010, and we affectionately call her our "ol' goat". She is a very experienced mother, and kids with absolute ease- not even a bleat. She kids out strong, healthy, blue-eyed babies every time. She has exceptional milk-holding capacity and ligament attachment for her age and experience. She produces 1.5-2 quarts per day at her peak.