GR8 Kids Farms Alyssa

DOB: 07/18/2016
Sire: The Buck N Rogers
SS: Wachello Ranch Bam Bam
SD: Cactus Country Palamino Holly
Dam: GR8 Kids Farms Eclaire
DS: *B DesertNanny IM Blue Bombay *S
DD: Bamboo Acres TK BluBeri Tart

Family Lines: Desert Nanny- Madeline & Peach Ice Cream, Twin Creeks, Esperanza, Tedz

Alyssa was born to Oreo in 2016 and just kidded for the first time. She is a truly beautiful girl- black with white moon spots, brown eyes and a sweet, sensitive disposition. But don't let that fool you- she is FAST, quick-witted and spunky! She has proven to be an exceptional mother, and has the same excellent milk genes as her dam.